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Remembrance Day Service

14 Nov 2016

Members from all three sections attended the Remembrance Day Service at the Church of Ascension, Crownhill, on Sunday.
The Service began at 10:00 and finished shortly after 11:30. The service included a sermon on Respect for each others’ views and ended with a traditional Last Post bugle call.
The Scout Group’s flags were carried by David Ford (Beavers), Jacob Newson (Cubs) and …

Knots and lashings

12 Nov 2016
square lashing close-up

As part of the Pioneer activity badge the Cubs practiced tying knots and lashings this week.
The badge requires knowledge of three simple knots and one hitch.
We practiced:
Sheet Bend
Reef Knot
Clove Hitch

We practiced Square Lashings on bamboo poles before working in teams to make small stretchers with 4 poles in a rectangle and 4 Square Lashings at the crossing points. Each team …

Scouts and guides provide ‘mental health boost for life’

10 Nov 2016
beavers for life


“People who were in the scouts or guides in childhood have better mental health in later life, a study suggests.”
Read the article in full.
This study points out many of the benefits for young people joining the Scouting movement. Better mental health later in life is more of a consequence than an aim but, certainly, the emphasis on soft skills …

Navigation videos from the Ordnance Survey

9 Nov 2016

Working towards: Navigation Staged Activity Badge
Navigation is assessed according to 5 stages. Details can be found on the website.
The first two stages are quite basic and most youngsters are able to pick up the required skills quickly during an evening session.
The skills required for the later stages require a good understanding of the principles as well as plenty of …