Gutter Tor Group Camp, 2017


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Gutter Tor Group Camp, 2017

19 September 2017

From the evening of Friday 28 July until the morning of Monday 31 July a large number of our youngsters took part in the first group camp, based at the ‘old scout hut’, now owned by HMS Raleigh, just beyond the Gutter Tor car park. Despite the weather, we are pleased to report a very enjoyable event.


Steve Carter (GSL)

Sarah Bean (Scout SL)

Ben Welsh (Cubs ASL)

Sam Newson (Beavers SL)

Ian Ford (Chairman)

Friday evening – Beavers and Scouts

Due to the strong winds and heavy rain we quickly took the decision to keep the beavers inside in the upstairs dormitory. Undaunted, the Scouts set up two tents outside.

Saturday – Cubs arrive, walk with Dartmoor Ranger and Campfire

We had booked a Dartmoor Ranger to lead a walk including plenty of local interest. First, the Cubs had to join us, sort their kit and dress appropriately.

The Beavers went ahead  whilst the Cubs and Scouts waited for the Ranger (Rob Taylor) to meet us in the car park at 10:00. We took the track along to Ditsworthy House and learnt something of its history and role in the film ‘Warhorse’.

We caught up with the Beavers at the Bronze Age stone rows that give the Giant’s Basin its name. Here we heard different theories about the purpose of the stones and the nearby mounds. We also visited a local cyst (burial site).

From there we continued up to Eylesbarrow, a once prosperous tin mine. This served wellas a lunch spot and for a bit of exploration and play.

The walk back down to the hut from the mine was, thankfully, short and easy.

In the evening we made a campfire under the rear shelter, gave out a number of awards and the enjoyed mugs of hot chocolate.

Sunday – Cubs navigate then head home, Scouts hike to Princetwon then camp wild


The Scouts set off after breakfast on a hike to Princetown for a wild camp that would count towards their Expedition Challenge Award. They navigated themselves to Nun’s Cross Farm and then towards South Hessary Tor before lunch and a test of their map skills. After finding the correct BS (Boundary Stone) at thecorner of a wall they paced and timed themselves walking on a bearing until they could see a Trig. Point (concrete pillar used by the Ordnance Survey) overlooking Burrator Reservoir. After a quick scramble on the rocks of the tor the group continued to Princetwon for cheesy chips and a play in the park before setting up the wild camp.


To follow

Monday – Scouts pack up and head home

After a quick breakfast we struck tents, packed and got ready to head home.


Our congratulations to all who took part. We hope you all enjoyed the experience and will continue to come camping with us through the three sections.