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13 November 2017

The last round of Co-op Local Causes has ended and we are awaiting confirmation of the amount raised for our group. This is in excess of £1000. We also have been successful with our bid to become a Co-op Local Cause in the next round.

The money raised in this next round will be used in accordance with our application:

We are encouraging our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to complete the Challenge Badges that they require to earn their Chief Scout’s Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. This takes time and a great deal of effort on the part of the individual, and these awards are widely recognised as marking a major achievement by the youngster.

Unfortunately these badges also place a serious financial burden on parents. The Scouts’ Adventure Challenge Badge, for instance, requires that the youngster take part in four different adventurous activities. Furthermore, these should be new and undertaken on at least two separate occasions. Typically, these cost approximately £70 per day, requiring a parental investment in excess of £600 when travel and other costs are taken into account. In our area this is a large sum for just one badge and, though parents recognise the huge positive impact such activities have on their child, few are willing to take on the financial burden.

We would like to establish a fund within our accounts that will allow us to subsidise these activities for the Youngsters in our Scout Group. Depending upon the amount of that fund and the activity required we might be able to cover the transport costs or reduce the net cost to parents. We expect that subsidies would be limited to a maximum of 50% of the cost to ensure that the participation in the activities remains valued.

The Co-op Local Community Fund is now open for members to choose and give their 1% to 35th Plymouth (Whitleigh) Scout Group. This funding period is for 11 months until the 27 October 2018. 

Please support us by choosing us as your Co-op Local Cause.