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Bickleigh Campsite

The group has its own campsite in the Plym Valley near Bickleigh. The site is small but is has an ideal location for a wide range of activities.



The site comprises:

  • a Leader’s Hut with 5 bed spaces (1 single, 2 bunks)
  • a BBQ area
  • flagpole
  • 2 chemical toilets with tent shelters


Other responsible users are welcome to the book the campsite.

For other scout groups we charge £1 per youngster per night only, leaders stay free. For all other users we ask for £1 per person per night.

Please use the Contact page to initiate the booking, leaving a mobile number in the message box.

If you fancy holding a day event at the site without sleeping over, contact us and we will see what we can arrange .


Rock-climbing at the Dewerstone

The Dewerstone rock-climbing crags are within walking distance of our campsite though you will struggle to carry kit that far and will almost always drive the heavy stuff around the lanes to the usual car park at Shaugh Bridge.

The ‘Pipe Walk’ from Cadover Bridge to Shaugh Prior Bridge, and beyond

Explore the local area’s recent history with a walk along the route of the terracotta pipe that carried China Clay from the pits above Caover Bridge down to the car park at Shaugh Bridge where the remains of the drying kilns are still extant.

Dartmoor Zoo at Sparkwell

For a less arduous activity your group might choose to visit the nearby Dartmoor Zoo. You can turn up on the day for regular tickets or book ahead for something more special such as a Close Encounter Session.

Hiking on Dartmoor

Although the campsite lies outside of the National Park it is well within reach of many interesting routes. Select one of these to suit your party’s fitness and navigational skills and you will be sure of a very enjoyable challenge contributing directly to badges.

Plymbridge Woods family cycle trail

This cycle trail follows the route of an old Great Westen Railway track.